The SipTalk Affiliate Program is designed to give back to those who help us! SipTalk Affiliate Partners will be financially rewarded for their efforts in selling our high quality SipTalk service onto their clients. This offers a unique business opportunity for you, especially during a time when VoIP is fast becoming the latest and greatest in the telecommunications industry. It really is a no-brainer – your customers will experience a reliable and cost effective VoIP service and you will reap the rewards!

What kinds of benefits will I receive?

  • Regular financial rewards based on customer expenditure
  • The opportunity to increase rewards through our tiered system by signing on more clients
  • The chance to promote VoIP enabled hardware in conjunction with our SipTalk service

I’m interested in becoming a SipTalk Affiliate Partner but how I apply?

To register your interest in becoming a SipTalk Affiliate Partner please complete the Application Form below. Or if you have any questions about the program please email our friendly sales team at

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