Information about the Service
Description of the Service Calls made using the service are connected using an Internet connection rather than the copper phone lines of a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) that a regular landline uses. This is called Voice over IP or VoIP.
It allows concurrent calls inbound or outbound to the public phone network via numbers hosted on the SipTalk Network, as well as access to send SMS.
Minimum term No Contract
Offer Inclusions
  1. Untimed calls (up to 2 hours) to fixed lines to15 countries for 40¢ (India, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Russia)
  2. 20 Free Web SMS then 10¢ each
  3. Mobile -9¢ per min
  4. Untimed Local/STD calls for 10¢
  5. International calls from 2¢ per min ( )
  6. Free SipTalk to SipTalk
  7. 1300 & 13 numbers – 25¢ per call
  8. Online account management portal access
  9. CLID Over -stamping (Number presented on outbound calls)
Important Offer Conditions This is a prepaid service and you are required to ensure there is credit in your account to use this service. However, this does not mean that if you do not top up your account that it will automatically be cancelled.
Important Limitations CLID Over -stamping is supported for verified numbers only.
Important qualifications To use the service you will need a high speed internet access connection, a modem/router, and a VoIP phone adaptor, soft - phone client or an IP Handset.
Information about Pricing
Set Up Fees $0.00
Minimum Monthly Fee $0.00
Maximum Monthly Fee NA
Billing Information

You will only be charged for the calls made. These amounts will be deducted immediately from the balance of your account. If there is insufficient funds in your account calls will not be able to be made.

Common Call Charges (including GST)
Local/STD calls 10¢ untimed
Mobile 9¢ per minute billed per second
1300 & 13 numbers 25¢ per call untimed
International Calls International call starts from 2¢ per minute. Calls are charged per minute or part thereof. For all international call rates, see

Calls for a maximum of 2 hours to fixed lines in the following 15 countries are charged at a flat rate of 40¢ per call (India, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Russia)
Web SMS; 20 Free Web SMS, then 10¢ per message, per recipient
Other Information
Access your call and data usage information You can access your call and data usage information by logging in to your customer account portal via this Link
Customer Service contact details Customer Support Service can be contacted:
Monday to Friday;
9:00am to 6.00pm CST
NSW (Sydney) 02 9098 1400
VIC (Melbourne) 03 8566 7100
QLD (Brisbane) 07 3088 3000
WA (Perth) 08 6355 5400
SA (Adelaide) 08 7477 8200

Or Customer Service (accounts)
08 8382 5967

9:00am to 5.30pm CST
Monday to Friday
How to access our dispute resolution process Either use the Customer Service Contact Details above or submit your concerns via
TIO contact details At SipTalk we take pride in ensuring our customer's satisfaction. If we haven't met your expectations or you are otherwise dissatisfied with our service please let us know. However, if you have exhausted all avenues for resolving your complaint and if you are still not satisfied with the resolution, you may seek further assistance from external channels, such as the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).