VoIP technology is all about saving you money with your everyday telecommunications costs by using the power of your broadband internet connection. Part of this cost saving comes from utilising DIDS or direct inward dialling numbers.

What are DIDS?
As VoIP communications work differently from your typical landline, slight alterations are made to allow it to function in the same way. In order for you to receive calls to your SipTalk account a DID number is required. SipTalk offers a range of standard landline DIDs which are then assigned to a gateway in the VoIP network. This "gate" then routes all your incoming calls coming through the landline across the broadband connection to you, the VoIP user.

But how do DIDS save me money?
DIDS are one of the best ways to secure the cheapest rates when calling interstate. For example if you purchase a DID originating from Adelaide (eg: an 08 number) and have a family member who lives in Adelaide, their calls to you will be billed at the same rate as a local call. The magic behind it is how DIDS are routed to your SipTalk account even though you may not physically be in the area code for that particular number.

So how do I get one?
SipTalk offers DIDS for all of the major Australian capital cities. We offer a range of monthly and yearly prices depending on what plan you choose to go with and can advise you if are after some help. Our friendly support team at support@siptalk.com.au are here to help you with any questions or problems you may have.